Lafayette County, Missouri

Arriving in Wellington on highway 224, you will find the Trail of Death marker on the north side of Wellington’s main street, named 5th Street, near the water tower. The marker is a boulder beside the sidewalk on 5th Street (224) and some big trees. It is between Walnut and Cherry streets.

Sunday, 28th Octr. [Wellington, Missouri.]

Today we remained in camp. We have performed a good week’s travel, ferrying two rivers in the time. Health of the camp is as good as it has been. This morning the Indians with Ash-kum at their head, came to Head Quarters and informed the conductor of some difficulties which they were fearful might occur in the exercise of the unrestricted power claimed by I-o-weh, whom they did not choose to acknowledge as a chief of the blood. They also requested information in regard to their annuities, etc. Judge Polke hoped that they would cease to speak of a subject which could not be of benefit to them, but on the other hand might affect the progress of the emigration. When the journey was completed they were at liberty to speak and decide among themselves. He had yet some tobacco, which he should offer them in hopes that they would still continue in peace and harmony. He also informed them what he knew of their annuities, etc. The Indians then retired apparently contented. A child died after night some time - the first for the last four weeks. [Note: This is not true. The last recorded death was Oct. 11.]

Wellington, Missouri. GPS N-3908056 W-9358962.

Located in town square on 5th Street, between Walnut and Cherry streets, near the picnic pavilion and water tower. Erected in 2000 by Boy Scout Jarod Jenkins for Eagle award. (Photo by Bill Willard, 2004)

Wellington, Missouri. GPS N-3908056 W-9358962.

Close up of the Trail of Death marker in town park. (Photo by Larry Prichard, Lynn, Indiana, on Trail of Death Commemorative Caravan, 2003.)

Leave Wellington by continuing west on 224 beside the Missouri River to Napoleon.

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