Sidney, Illinois

At the east edge of Sidney, turn north on the second street, named Dunlap Woods. Veer to the east (right) as the road makes a circle. The Trail of Death marker is at the north edge of Dunlap Woods addition, and is located in the Dunlap Woods Park, which has play equipment.

Sidney, Illinois - Dunlap Park. GPS N-4001600 W-8803882.

Located in Dunlap Woods Park on Dunlap Woods Street north of East Main Street at east edge of Sidney. Erected in 1991 by Boy Scout Andy Chase for Eagle award. (Photo by Larry Prichard, Lynn, Indiana, on Trail of Death Commemorative Caravan, 2003.)

Friday 21st Sept. [Traveled 12 miles from Davis Point near Homer to Sidney, Illinois.]

Left Davis’s encampment at half-past 9. At a little before 2 we reached Sidney, near the spot selected for encampment. (This indicates there was a scout or front man going ahead of the group who selected the camp each day, bought food for the people and horses, and had it delivered to the camp. This was probably Wm. T. Polke, son of conductor William Polke.) The health of the Indians is the same - scarcely a change - the worst of the cases in most persons proves fatal. Physician reports for yesterday, “their condition somewhat better. There are yet 50 sick in camp - 3 have died since my last report.” The farther we get into the prairie the scarcer becomes water. Our present encampment is very poorly watered, and we are yet in the vicinity of timber. A child died since we came into camp. This morning before we left the encampment of last night, a chief, Muk-kose, a man remarkable for his honesty and integrity, died after a few days’ sickness. Forage not so scarce as a few days ago. Bacon we occasionally procure - beef and flour, however, constitute our principal subsistence. (Beef and flour could be cooked in two ways, either fry the beef and make flat cakes or frybread of the flour. Or boil the beef and use the flour to make dumplings.)

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